Thursday, August 7, 2003

Meeting Minutes

Chief Petty Officers Association of Miami

Meeting delayed pending introduction of Selectees 1942.

Command Senior Chief, Steve Schwartz introduced CO of Reserve Center of Miami, CDR Sallee, who spoke about the initiation and transition of E-6 to chief. Had spouses introduce themselves: Katie Perrone, Sherry Permenter, Maria Doxsee. Chief Schwartz spoke about the work required and hope wives will be understanding. Trying to follow MCPON’s guidelines. Will have PT prior to meetings. Discussion. CPO Indoc required prior to pinning. Will need instructors September 7th. Initiation is September 20th. Chief Schuchman introduced selectees: Anthony Perrone, Chris Permenter, Sheria Sanchious, Michael Stevenson, Doxsee.

Meeting called to order 2030. Pledge and moment of silence.

Honorable members present:

CTOC Tim Neary, President HMC Norm Powell, Vice President

OSCS Ron Roy, Treasurer RMC Mike Bagley

BMC (SS) Mike Short QMC Stan Lesser

QMC Jerry Lippincott BMCM Chuck Robertson

BTCM (SW) Paul M. LaCoursiere ETC Rick Schuchman

STGC Lee Palfrey MSC (SCW) Gary Sturm, Secretary

QMCS Ken Larson CTI2 Gayle Malone-Neary, Associate

ENC Arnie Correia Rosie Reve, Associate

AEC Dave Cohen TMC Ray Reve

SKCS Patricia Tremarco RMCS Bob White

OSCS (SW/AW) Tim Easter YNC (SW) Robin Niggiano

ITC (AW) Paris Hardy CEC (SCW)Michael Fox

HMCS J. Walls PNC (SW/AW) Mike Lopez

ISCS (SW) Billy Whitley MMCS(SW) Ivan Puig

CTOCS Al Starr BMC Ira Paul

PNC Ron Kinsella BMC Jerry Nydam

SMCS Steve Schwartz DKC Joseph Kuttner

Introduction of Guests: Mike Lopez, Paris Hardy, Ivan Puig, Anabelle from Leesburg.

Minutes from the Previous Meeting: Motion to accept as sent. Duly seconded and approved.

Treasurer’s Report/ Membership Report. $340.09 for Gannet Picnic. $26.64 postage. $200 to Camp Fiesta Cancer Camp. Coin bill not yet received. 38 paid members. Checking $11,263.23, savings $2,085.11, total $13,348.34. Motion to accept. Duly seconded and approved.

Committee Reports

bulletRace: Chief Short spoke about Homestead and Miami races upcoming. Chief Lippincott will invite others and offer to share funds. Discussion.
bulletScholarship: Chairman not available.
bulletPhilanthropy: Chief Powell sent sympathy card to Rick’s wife for her father’s passing. Asked for ideas for Thanksgiving/holidays.
bulletShip Liaison: Should be 18 visits between now and October in all of Florida. Chief Easter gave details for internal dissemination only. Discussion.
bulletCPO Initiation: Chief Short will check on PBA hall availability. May have a total of 9 for training, 7 for pinning. Training nights not falling on regular meeting nights will be Wednesdays. Uniform of the day for chiefs: khaki. PT at 1830. Training at 1930.
bulletFinance: ntr
bulletBylaws: Printed in newsletter. Correction made to include Associate members. Motion to accept Bylaws as amended. Duly seconded and approved.

Old Business

bulletChief Short spoke about the ride on the USCGC Gannet and burger burn.
bulletHoliday dinner December 4th 1800 at Grand Palms Country Club. Dinner follows at 1900. $20/person. Uniform: summer whites. Chicken Almondine, Broiled Salmon, London Broil. Tickets on sale now.

New Business

bulletChief Starr read letter from CDR Sallee abour HMC Rodriguez whose uniforms were stolen. Asked for assistance. Motion to reimburse him $281.53. Duly seconded and passed. Discussion that this should have been presented to Chief Powell for presentation to membership.

Motion to adjourn 2120. Duly seconded and passed.