February 2017 Meeting Minutes
Chief Petty Officers Association of Miami, Inc.
Thursday, February 2, 2017

 Meeting called to order by Chief Monica Sions: 1930

Pledge of Allegiance, Sailor’s Creed and Moment of Silence.  


Ø     President:          HMC Monica Sions

Ø     Vice President:  UTCS Ron Zasloff

Ø      Secretary:         CTI2 Gayle Malone

Ø      Treasurer:        OSCS Ronald B. Roy, Retired

Ø     Master-at-arms: MAC Jose Soto

Honorable members and guests present:

BTCM(SW) Paul LaCoursiere

UTCS(SCW) Ron Zasloff

QMC AJ Drago

BMCM Chuck Robertson

MAC Evelio Martinez

ADC Albert Durso

CTOCS Al Starr

CTI2 Gayle Malone

BMC Ira Paul

AEC(AC) David Cohen

BUC(SCW) Gene Chomor

 QMCS Ken Larson

CSC(SW) Natasha Garcia

OSCS Ron Roy

NAC Buck McTee

ISCS Jazmine Farrior

BMC(SS) Mike  Short

FCC (SW) Christian Echeverria

HMC Rick Tedlow

CTRC Julius Fair


MAC Jose  Soto

LSC Leo Bonhomme


ITC Samuel Tyrone Brown

HMC Norm Powell


Minutes from the Previous Meeting.  Motion to accept minutes as posted.  Duly seconded and approved. 

Treasurer’s Report:   Chief Roy reported outstanding checks: 905 to Stan Bostic for cruise $750, 907 to Stan Bostic for cruise $1,650, 911 to Stan Bostic for cruise $150, 912 to for FleetWeek entertainment $200, 913 to Chief Powell for flowers $284.67, 914 to Stan Bostic for cruise $150, 915 to Chief Roy for corporate  report $61.25.  Checking balance $12,793.72 savings $3,175.37, money market $45,601.00; total $61,570.09.  Motion to accept report.  Duly seconded and approved. 


·       Ship Liaison – Senior Chief Starr reported meeting with Strike Group.  Lead ship for Fleet Week will be USS New York.  Other ships include San Jacinto, Monterey, Nitse, a yet to be named submarine and a  Coast Guard cutter.  The Canadian ships have backed out.  Invited Fleet Master Chief Jack Callison to be our guest speaker.  Both of our events are on the official schedule.  Ships arrive May 1st.  Our reception will be May 2nd,  the yacht ride May 3rd.  Tours will open on the Broward Navy Days website in March.

·       CPO365 NA. 

·       Awards – Presented award to Chief McTee.

·       MWR - Master Chief Robertson reported cruise is next event; currently have 18 cabins.  Appreciate all of Stan Bostic’s effortson this.  Parking is $20/day.  Key West trip planned for April 7th weekend.

·       CRYC – Master Chief LaCoursiere reported that envelopes stuffed for first mailing.  Had meeting with Coral Ridge  Yacht Club last week.

·       T-shirts and new coins – Chief Echeverria reported shirts and coins available.


Old Business:

·       Chief Arnold had good retirement ceremony and is moving to Texas.

·       Ropes course information from last meeting not available.

·       License plate  information from last meeting not available.

New Business:

·       Southcom Gala.  Motion to sponsor table for junior sailors and marines for $630.  Duly seconded and approved.

·       “I’m not your friend” shirts.  Chief Echeverria said there is an order form on the web site.  Because sizes seem to run small, suggested ordering next size up.   Deadline May 1st to order shirts.

Good of the Order:

·       Bowling for February 26th not supported.

·       Reminder from Chief Powell that he needs to be notified of member needs, especially illness or deaths.

Motion to adjourn:  2021.  Duly seconded and passed.


CTI2 Gayle Malone

MIAMI CPOA Secretary