February, 2018 Meeting Minutes
Chief Petty Officers Association of Miami, Inc.
Thursday, February 1, 2018


Meeting called to order by Master Chief Chuck Robertson: 1930.  

Pledge of Allegiance, Sailor’s Creed and Moment of Silence.  



Ø     President:                 BMCM Chuck Robertson     

Ø     Vice President:            MAC Sergio Sandoval  

Ø      Secretary:                ATC John Silva        

Ø      Treasurer:               OSCS Ronald B. Roy, Retired

Ø     Master-at-arms:            MAC Sergio Sandoval 


Honorable members and guests present


BMCM Chuck Robertson

HMC Rick Tedlow


CTOCS Alan Starr

MMC Christopher Marcello


OSCS Ronald Roy

YNCM Marc Fagenbaum


ATC John Silva

RMC Paul Douglas


QMCS Ken Larson

MKC Donald Steffenson


BTCM Paul LaCousiere

QMC Arthur Drago


BMC Ira Paul

MACS Tanya Tyson


HMC Normal Paul

Chief Buck McTee


YNCS Amy Broadus

EMC Michael Pandegraft


YNC Dequierio “Que” Butler

ISC Frantz Exantus


CMDCS Gary Rosenbery

ADC Albert Darso


HTC Ryan Visage




Minutes from the Previous Meeting.  Motion to accept minutes as posted.  Duly seconded and approved.  


Treasurer’s Report:  Senior Chief Roy reported no outstanding checks. The current bank accounts stand as follows:

Checking Account balance: $10,311.98

Savings Account: $3,183.31

Money Market Account: $50,893.89

Grand Total: 64,893.18

Duly seconded and approved.  Note that dues are payable now.



Race : NTR

Applications are due in July 2018

:  NTR

Sea Service Veterans Assistance
:  NTR

Ship Liaison:
 Senior Chief Starr reported the ships participating during Fleet Week are the USS Kearsarge, USS Hue City, USS Forest Sherman and the USS Detroit.   For ship tours please visit the website: www.broawardnavydaysinc.org

Chief Pendegraft announced the first CPO 365 training to be held Friday February 2nd 2018.

: Master Chief Robertson announced that activities such as the Cruise and trip to Key West are not looking very good due to various reasons. Master Chief also announced a separate option involving a cruise making a stop in Key West. The price of the cabin is $748.00 for two people. In order to solidify this trip a minimum of eight cabins must be sold.



Old Business:
MAC Sandoval announced the American Legion Post 164 has a park location to place a stockless anchor acquired through contacts by Chief Sandoval. The legion is willing to pay for half the transportation cost, which at this time is $6200.00. The Legion also contacted the city in order to contribute with laying a cement slot in where to lay down the anchor. Negotiations continue and approval pending further details.


New Business:  Chief Buck McTee proposed several ideas to celebrate the Chief’s birthday April 1st. Ideas continue to be reviewed.


Good of the Order: Master Chief Robertson proposed for all members to be more proactive in announcing Chief’s retirements. It was agreed by all members that all attempts should be made to attend to as many ceremonies as possible to show support to our Brothers and Sisters.

Chief Buck McTee announced his involvement with the American Military Veterans Foundation project in where fishing rods are custom made and designed. These fishing rods make great gifts. See Chief McTee for designs and prices.


Motion to adjourn:   2020