July 2019 Meeting Minutes
Chief Petty Officers Association of Miami, Inc.
Thursday July 11, 2019


Meeting called to order by UTCS Ron Zasloff : 1930.

Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of Silence and Sailorís Creed. 



ō     President:                 UTCS Ron Zasloff     

ō     Vice President:            MACS Nick Hernandez  

ō      Secretary:                ATC John Silva/ISC Roxy Hall       

ō      Treasurer:               OSCS Ronald B. Roy

ō     Master-at-arms:            Nick Niglio 


Honorable members and guests present


BMCM Chuck Robertson

MKC Donald Steffenson


CTOCS Alan Starr

HMCS Jorge Herrera


HMC Richard Tedlow

OSCS Ronald B. Roy


ATC John Silva

BMC(SS) Michael Short


HMCM Richard George

NCC Vilma Rosario


HMC Norman Powell

AEC David Cohen


ETC Rick Schuchman



CMDCS Gary Rosenberg



YNC Dioni Rosales



ITC Henry Matthews



ITCS Grisel Marrero



BMC(SS) Mike Short




Minutes from the Previous Meeting.  Motion to accept minutes as posted.  Duly seconded and approved.  


Treasurerís Report:  Master Chief Robertson reported no outstanding checks. The current bank accounts stand as follows:

Checking Account balance: $14,131.53

Savings Account: $3,195.45

Money Market Account: $41,442.24

Grand Total: $58,769.22


Duly seconded and approved.  Note that dues are payable now.




Race : Next race March 2020. Challenges to address include too many personnel which leads to paying for too many rooms.


Scholarship: Three $1000.00 scholarships were awarded to the following:

Miss. Megan Hall 

Miss. Erin Zasloff

Mr. Arthur Drago Jr.


Philanthropy: NTR


Sea Service Veterans Assistance:  NTR


Ship Liaison:  

Senior Starr announced the commissioning of the Navy's newest Arleigh Burke class destroyer, USS Paul Ignatius (DDG 117), on Saturday, July 27 at Port Everglades to commence at 1000 at Port Everglades terminal four. The uniform for the commissioning ceremony will be Summer Whites.  The parking for the ceremony will cost $5.00 and be aware of hot weather. The CPOA will host the Paul Ignatious CPOA on Tuesday July 23rd at the VFW at 1800. The South Florida CPOA has the distinct honor to be the first CPO Mess to formally welcome the Brothers and Sisters from the Paul Ignatious CPO Mess. The uniform will be Khakis and combo covers.


Sailor 360 :

We are gearing up for the upcoming CPO Initiation Season. Be vigilant as the schedule of events is released and feel free to engage and mentor future CPOs. The South Florida CPOA will hold a bowling game at Manor Lanes. The game is scheduled for August 18 from 1400 -1600.



Drift Fishing or Sport Fishing Trip
Saturday July 20th
Chasin Finz Fishing Charters 1000 N. Ocean Drive Hollywood, FL

4 Hours trip
$45. per person : Drift Fishing
$85. per person : Sport Fishing $500 per boat, 
6 person max, additional boats available.


October 13 Family Picnic
Oleta State River Park 3400 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach





Old Business: NTR.


New Business:  

Motion $300.00 to host the Paul Ignatious CPO Mess. Motion passed

Motion for $500.00 Camp Elmore payment. Motion passed

Motion up to $500.00 pending on fundraising results from the Coast Guard to purchase child car seat for a service member. The South Florida CPOA will match the contributions of the Coast Guard for up $500.00. Motion passed.

Motion for $500.00 for a Coast Guard memberís wife who is terminally ill. Motion passed.

Looking for personnel to fulfill vacant positions such as the Fundraising committee

The CPOA received a card from Buck McTee


Good of the Order:

Charles Lawrence Chipley, III, 59 of Nokomis, Florida passed away Thursday, May 23, 2019. Known to his friends and family as "Chip", he was born November 5, 1959 in Bethesda, Maryland. Chip worked for 30 years as a medical physicist. He was a retired Navy Commander who served with the United States Navy during the Gulf War, Desert Storm and Grenada. Belong to the motorcycle club Bellís Angels.

Motion to adjourn:   2023