Meeting Minutes

Chief Petty Officers Association of Miami, Inc. 
Thursday,  February 6th, 20


 Meeting called to order by UTCS Ron Zasloff : 1930.  


Pledge of Allegiance, Sailor’s Creed and Moment of Silence.  



President:            UTC Ron Zasloff

Vice President:    HMC Rick Tedlow, Retired

Secretary:            Pat Huges

Treasurer:            OSCS Ronald B. Roy, Retired



Honorable members and guests present:




UTCS Ron Zasloff

OSCS Ronald Roy

BTCM Paul LaCoursiere

ETC Rick Schuchman

MMC Chris Marcello

MMC/SS Michael George

PSC Righteuos Alonzo

BMC (SS) Michael Short

MKC Donald Steffenson

HMCS Jorge Herrera

QMC (CC) John Petroske

CTOCS Al Starr

HMC Norm Powell

QMC Arthue Drago

BMCM Chuck Robertson

Pat Hughes




Minutes from the Previous Meeting

Minutes were accepted.


Treasurer’s Report:  (OSCS Ronald Roy)

Ron Roy reported two outstanding deposits for the 12th and 13th events.  1/6 $547.22, and $601.10.  BB&T $4,059.39 for 2020.

Checking $11,359.54, Savings $3,200.10,
Money market account $26,599.02,
CD $15,216.75. 
Total $56,385.10

Taxes have been filed.

Report accepted.





Volunteers are still needed to finish out the season.  We’ve almost met out goal.  Four more events, 2/13, 2/27, 3/19 and 3/30 end of season.  We won’t know if we will be invited back for next year’s season or not.



Awards:  (BMC Mike Short)

No report


Scholarship:  (HMC Rick Tedlow)

No report


Philanthropy:  (HMC Norm Powell)

Paul is in and out of rehab and taking medications.  No visitors at this time.  Dave Cohen will be having surgery at the end of February. Vilma Rosario has an unknown illness, send cards. If you know of someone that needs cards, let us know.


Ship Liaison:  (CTOCS Al Starr)   

USS Island, 700 Marines, not bringing any Marines in.  LCS’s not sure.  USS Hartford sub has been approved. USS Cole coming.  Two Coast Guard cutters, less than six ships of Chiefs, fast patrol (Coast Guard), thirty Chiefs at best.


CRYC Yacht Club:  (BTCM Paul LaCoursiere)

First official Fleet meeting  requested  permission for Khakis at Yacht Club. Letters going out next week about boat rides.  Another meeting scheduled for 2/23.  $250.00 per couple per members.  Hoping to raise $15,000.  May not get Coast Guard fly over, Al Starr working on it.


Sailor 360:  

No report


MWR:    (BMCM Chuck Robertson)

Bowling at Manor Lanes in Wilton Manors (26th Street) will be 3/29 at 14:00.

Key West – date choices are 4/4 or 4/30.  After discussion and drill date research, it was decided to go 5/16 and 5/17.  Motion was made, 2nd, and accepted.


VA Liaison:   (BMCM Chuck Robertson)

No report


Fund Raising:   (MMC (SS) Michael George)

Fund Raising discussion regarding McFatter students working at BB&T games for half of the money earned at each event.  It was brought up that charter rule states that no non-military group or organization will be paid to help run events. 


Old Business:



New Business:  

Fleet Week cigar cost is $1000.00.   A motion was made, 2nd, and carried to reimburse Mike Short $1,000.00 for Cigar Bar.

A motion was made, 2nd, and carried to purchase plaques ($65.00 each) for ships coming in for Fleet Week.

A motion was made, 2nd, and carried to purchase white tee shirts ($4.00 each) for Fleet Week Yacht Club event.

Will need flowers for Committee Woman at the Yacht Club.

It was brought up that NRD/SOCOM have not been participating in events other than parties and Fleet Week, etc.


Good of the Order:



Motion to adjourn:  

A motion was made to adjourn, 2nd, and carried at 2050.