Meeting Minutes

Chief Petty Officers Association of Miami, Inc. 
Thursday,  June 3rd, 20



President: BMCM Chuck Robertson, Retired 

Vice President HMC Rick Tedlow 

Secretary: LSCS Gary Rosenberg, Retired 

Treasurer: OSCS Ronald B. Roy, Retired


Honorable members and guests present: 

BMCM Chuck Robertson

OSCS Ronald Roy

LSCS(SW) Gary Rosenberg

YNCM Marc Fagenbaum

BMC(SS) Mike Short

MMC(SS)Michael George

CBCM Ronald Zasloff

ATC Jeffery Hittenberger

HMC Rick Tedlow

QMCS Ken Larson

HMC Norman Powell

Stan Bostic


CPOA meeting was called to order by Master Chief Chuck Robertson at 1930.

Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence followed by the Sailors Creed.


Chuck – welcome our new members or returning, Stan Bostic returned.


Minutes from the Previous Meeting. Motion to accept minutes as posted. Duly seconded and approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Agreed to pay $1,000 for the sea cadets building ”not processed yet”

Checks outstanding; None.

Outstanding deposit; None


Checking $9,016.71

Savings $3,210.94

MM $26,802.73

CD $15,709.61

Total $54,739.99 

Motion to accept the treasurers report. Duly seconded and approved. 



·        Awards – Chief Short, two awards to present, presented a paddle to MMC(SS)Michael George for his fundraising
       efforts with the BB&T center.
      Also presented a paddle to OSCS Ronald Roy for his job as treasurer.

·        Scholarship – Chief Tedlow, received one Scholarship application. Those that are eligible, put in by Jun 30th.
       Requirements for yourself or children are on the website.

·        Philanthropy – Chief Powell, everything is slow, in contact with Dave Cohen and he is doing good. Got a response
      from Tanya Tyson for the flowers sent from the CPOA.
      As always if you know of someone who is sick or in need of outreach, please let me know.


·        Ship Liaison – Senior Chief Starr, NTR

Fleet Week - NTR

Season – CMDCS Briody, NTR

CRYC – Master Chief LaCoursiere, NTR

MWR – Chief Tedlow, Bowling July 18th from 1400 – 1600 at Manner Lanes, 2 games plus shoes at $10 a person. Holiday dinner will be December 11th at 6pm at Tropical Acers, $25 a person. Khakis is the uniform and food choices will be Filet, sea bass and prime rib. Mayport is taking reservations now and Key west will start in July. Shooting for fall time frame for a trip to Key West.

VA Liaison – Master Chef Robertson, NTR.

Fund Raising – Chief George, NTR, we conducted a 50/50 at $5 a ticket. Not invited back to BB&T yet, looking into F1 race, the race will run for 10 years. Hard rock NFL possibility, main issue is getting bodies to participate. Raffles at the legion, if you vote to do fundraising you need to participate! Commands come for help but need to participate in fundraising and money should come to the CPOA since we give money to all commands. Need contact from all commands.


Old Business:

·        NTR


New Business:


·        Celebrating the 1991 commissioning of the NOSC. The NOSC will do a November 20 year anniversary of the commissioning inviting all the plank owner and the Mess.


·        Retired FC1 got cut off on her M/C, went down, 5 days later she had a stroke, is in rehab and is putting a motion to donate $1,000 to her to assist. Motion to accept the donation. Duly seconded and approved.


Good of the Order:


·        50/50 raffle after the meeting for $1


·        Will look at the possibility of doing a weekend or 1 day cruise as a mess.





 LSCS Gary Rosenberg
MIAMI CPOA Secretary