Meeting Minutes

Chief Petty Officers Association of Miami, Inc. 
Thursday,  March 4th, 20



President: BMCM Chuck Robertson, Retired 

Vice President: 

Secretary: LSCS Gary Rosenberg, Soon to be retired 

Treasurer: OSCS Ronald B. Roy, Retired

Honorable members and guests present: 

BMCM Chuck Robertson

BTCM(SW) Paul LaCoursiere

BMC(SS) Mike Short

QMCS Ken Larson

HMC Norm Powell

MMC(SS) Mike George

LSCS(SW) Gary Rosenberg

QMC(SW) AJ Drago

BMCM Lou Kitchin

YNCM Marc Fagenbaum

HMC Rick Tedlow

OSCS Ronald Roy


-        First meeting since February 2020 was called to order by Master Chief Chuck Robertson at 1930.

Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence followed by the Sailors Creed.


-        Chuck - We are glad to see those that are able to attend and that everyone is staying safe and healthy. Welcome all new members and those who have not attended in a long time;

Coast Guard BMCM Lou Kitchin


-        Minutes from the Previous Meeting. Motion to accept minutes as posted. Duly seconded and approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Made $9,035.65 from BB&T fundraising

Checks outstanding; 1068 Web services $220.53, 1069 Brian’s school of Nursing in memory of Janet Lippincott $100.00, 1070 Corporate annual report $61.25

Checking $7,403.40

Savings $3,208.82

MM $26,772.35

CD $15,687.85

Total $53,072.42

Motion to accept the treasurers report. Duly seconded and approved.



·        Awards – Chief Short, NTR

 ·        Scholarship – Chief Tedlow, those that are eligible put in by Jun 30th, requirements for yourself or children are on the website.

 ·        Philanthropy – Chief Powell, 2019 and 2020 was a up and down year, we sent some get well and condolence cards. Janet passed away,  A chief from West Palm Beach got into a motorcycle accident and I am in contact with his daughter. Talked to Jerry Lippincott, Natale, and Janet. 2020 has been the busiest card year for me. If you know someone let me know we have the resources.

 ·        Ship Liaison – Senior Chief Starr, NTR

 ·        Fleet Week - NTR

 ·        Season – Senior Chief Rosenberg, we had a good Season we mad 6 Chiefs. We had a covid bubble that we had to be by ourselves. Season was from the end of October until the end of January about 14 weeks long. We did 2 weeks of in person training, then went to all virtual training via zoom. We did one week in person for teaching to the Creed, then we did final week, final night, and pinning in person at the NOSC. Hopefully, next year we can incorporate a little more from the outside.

 ·        CRYC – Master Chief LaCoursiere, had a cigar Saturday with the group, they created a spot outside the bar with an awning for Joe Verderber since he sold his boat. Carolyn is the new Commodore and is looking forward to us doing fleet week at the yacht club. They are rising the floor to the bar to meet code.

 ·        MWR – Chief Tedlow, Navy lodges are not open to retirees or the public for about another year. Chuck asked about bowling. Rick will try to set a date to go bowling in about two months.

 ·        VA Liaison – Master Chief Robertson, spent $516.50 on three Veterans. The Treasurer replenished $1,000.00 per previous guidance which brings my balance to $1,083.50. Motion to make the VA Liaison a permanent  position, duly seconded and passed.

 ·        Fund Raising – Chief George, waiting on BB&T to contact us but might be a minute due to Covid. Mike suggested a virtual auction or a raffle or 50/50. We could also do a 50/50 every meeting at $5 a person. Raffle a pistol ?.


Old Business: NTR


New Business:

 ·        Motion to meet at the American Legion Post 92 every month on the first Thursday, duly seconded and passed.

 ·        Suggestions for ways to compensate the Legion for the use of their hall included, pass a hat for donation for the use of the room, give them $20 out of petty cash every month, give half of the 50/50 to the Legion. Tabled motion for next meeting. Will pass the hat tonight.

 ·        Dues, Motion to make dues starting January 2021 instead of August 2020, duly seconded and passed. Members present and those  not present but reading these  minutes are encouraged to remit dues.

 ·        Thank you, Ron, for the reminder about the meeting. The Coast Guard Cutter Gannet is being decommissioned March 29th, it will be broadcast on Facebook live at 10 am.

 ·        The new Sea Cadet building is doing three types of fund raising. The Naming opportunity $5,000 for the head’s, locker rooms, or Supply. Recognition wall $1,000 for Mind Counter Class. Plank owner certificate $1,000. What about doing our standard plaque from us. Motion to do the $1,000 for the recognition wall, duly seconded and passed.


Good of the Order:

 ·        AJ Drago officially retired!

·        You can claim $300 for charitable donations when finalizing your taxes.

·        Motion to adjourn: 2005. Duly seconded and passed.



LSCS Gary Rosenberg 

MIAMI CPOA Secretary