Meeting Minutes

Chief Petty Officers Association of Miami, Inc. 
Saturday,  September 11th, 20



Honorable members and guests present: 

BMCM Chuck Robertson

HMC Rick Tedlow

QMCS Ken Larson

HMC Pamela Washington

AWCM Rodney Lewis

BMC(SS) Mike Short

HMC Norman Powell

MMC(SS)Michael George

CTOCS Al Starr

NCC Trista Whitehead

NCCS Kate Goodman

ISC Stilling Horton

ISC Courtney Farmer

FCAC Javier HenriquezCastro

HMC Beatriz Salinas

QMC Christian Castillo

EOC Anais Boza

ISC Hector Gomez

LSC Javiel Gonzalez

CMDCS John Briody

CBCM Ronald Zasloff

LSC(sel) Peter Henry

ISC(sel) Matthew Layton

PSC(sel) Robert Dominguez

ITC(sel) Anabel Gregory

BMC(sel) Nicholas Rivera


CPOA meeting was called to order by Master Chief Chuck Robertson.

Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence followed by the Sailors Creed.


Chuck – welcome our new members or returning.


Minutes from the Previous Meeting. Motion to accept minutes as posted. It was seconded and approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Still pending $1,000 payment for the sea cadets building


Checking $7,632.79

Savings $3,212.86

MM $26,833.14

CD $15,731.41

Total $53,410.20


Motion to accept the treasurers report. It was seconded and approved. 



·        Awards – NTR

·        Scholarship – 3 students per year

·        Philanthropy – Thank you card received from Gail’s mother.


·        Ship Liaison – NTR

        Fleet Week – CTOCS Starr:

-Fleet Week – Sunday begins May 1.  CPO Reception on Tues May Third.

-USS Fort Lauderdale (possibly between July and August).  Senior Chief Starr will meet with CO and XO next Friday to plan a reception for the new Chief’s Mess for the LPD.

        Season – CMDCS Briody, Pinning Ceremony scheduled for November 19th

                    Khaki Ball either Dec 4th or 18th

        CRYC – NTR

        MWR – Locations closed down due to COVID (Key West, Jacksonville and Mayport).  However, Patrick Air Force Base is open for leisure.  Exploring the idea of a charter boat for fishing.


·        VA Liaison – Master Chef Robertson, NTR

        Fund Raising – Chief George, NTR,


Old Business:

·        Facebook Page pending

·        November 6 (Saturday drill weekend) we’ll be celebrating the 1991 commissioning of the NOSC. 30-year anniversary of the commissioning. Inviting all the plank owners and the Mess. Polo shirt will be worn.

·        Bylaws Committee: rules about scholarship still pending.


New Business:


·        $100 gift card will be given on Thanksgiving only instead of Thanksgiving + Christmas (one Sailor per Command) due to short turn-around time between the two holidays.


·        Selects introduced themselves in front of the room


·        Marine veteran who works as a Sunrise Police Officer diagnosed with COVID-19 and needs a lung transplant. Motion to donate $1,000 to assist with expenses as the help from the Fraternal Order of Police is limited.  Discussion by CBCM Zasloff detailed that funds will help with transport to either Shands Gainesville or to Tampa and help wife during this time. It was seconded and approved. 



Good of the Order:


·        Holiday Party on December 11th at 1800


·        Fundraiser concession stand during the week will require volunteers at the Hard Rock Grand Prix event


·   Drawing prize winner: BMCM Robertson


·   D Dues paid by: HMC Washington ($20); QMC Castillo ($20); AWCM Lewis ($20)





 LSCS Gary Rosenberg
MIAMI CPOA Secretary