Thursday, February 03, 2022



President: BMCM Chuck Robertson, Retired 

Vice President: Billini Benoit 

Secretary: LSCS Gary Rosenberg, Retired 

Treasurer: OSCS Ronald B. Roy, Retired


Honorable members and guests present: 

BMCM Chuck Robertson

OSCS Ronald Roy

LSCS(SW) Gary Rosenberg

HMCS Billini Benoit

BMC(SS) Mike Short

QMC Arthur Drago

CBCM Ron Zasloff

HMC Pamela Washington

HMC Scott Behrje

YNCM Marc Fagenbaum

MAC Natalie Arroyo

HMC Rick Tedlow

HMC Dean Powell

CMDCS John Briody


-          CPOA meeting was called to order by Master Chief Chuck Robertson at 1930.

Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence followed by the Sailors Creed. 

-          Chuck – welcome our new members or returning,  Billini Benoit. 

-          Minutes from the Previous Meeting. Motion to accept minutes as posted. Duly seconded and approved.


Treasurer’s Report: 

Checks outstanding; None

Outstanding deposit; None 

Checking $5,016.24

Savings $0.00

MM $26,883.79

CD $15,767.71

Total $47,667.74


Motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Duly seconded and approved.



 ·         Awards – Chief Short, going to buy 5 paddles for the ships during fleet week and  for the yacht club

 ·         Scholarship – Chief Tedlow, Apply by June 30th 2022.

 ·         Philanthropy – Chief Powell, Nobody is sick, died or hurt.

 ·         Ship Liaison – Senior Chief Starr, NTR

 ·         Fleet Week – CPO reception will be held at Coral Ridge Yacht Club. The next meeting will be in February at the yacht club. More to report later.
       CPOA members are invited with khaki pants and CPOA collared shirts. Please see attached from yacht club meeting.

 ·         Season – CMDCS Briody, Getting leads together. Sailors are thankful for the gift card from the CPOA.

 ·         CRYC – Master Chief Lacoursiere, NTR

 ·         MWR – Key West is now open except the Fly Navy bldg., planning a trip for May 20 and 21. Rooms are not available.
       Sea service museum in Seabring about 3 hours away, is open wed – sat 12-4. Looking at cruises for a weekend from Miami
       for 3 days and 2 nights. Will look into bowling during season.

 ·         VA Liaison – Master Chief Robertson, paid 2 veterans back rent, and paid for a U-haul for a veteran that had to move stuff
       out due to a flood from above. Ballance is now $894.46.

 ·         Fund Raising – Chief George, the NOSC will only fundraise with our CPOA. Not invited back to BBT yet, looking into F1 race,
       the race will run for 10 years. Hard rock NFL possibility, main issue is getting bodies to participate. Opportunity at post 92 one
       Sunday a month from 1 – 5 to deal bar poker. Raising about $100. Each time.


Old Business

·         No old business

New Business

·         Motion was approved to give $1,000 to a sailor who needs a new roof.


Good of the Order: 

·         50/50 raffle after the meeting for $1


LSCS(ret) Gary Rosenberg

MIAMI CPOA Secretary