CPOA Miami Officers 2016


President:             BMCM Robbie Robertson  

Vice President:    MAC Sergio Sandoval        

      ATC John Silva                  

Treasurer:             OSCS Ronald B. Roy         


 Association Bylaws                                          Conflict of Interest policy


To establish within the Naval community of Miami, Fla., a fraternal
organization of senior enlisted personnel for the purpose of

A. Improving the welfare, morale and working relationships of all personnel assigned
to the Naval community of Miami, Florida, and to improve the functioning of the
various divisions by providing all possible assistance and cooperation which can be
rendered to the command in carrying out its assigned mission.

B. Passing of useful information to all members.

C. Solving any inter-service, inter-departmental problems on the E-7 through E-9 levels.

D. Providing for the various social activities of the association.